Join the Zion I Crew on Patreon

Join the Zion I Crew on Patreon

I recently launched my new Patreon page. I'm very excited by the possibilities of what I can offer you as part of the official Zion I Crew while helping me be more sustainable as an independent artist.

For those who are not familiar, Patreon is a monthly subscription model that allows me to offer exclusive rewards and access to the music creation process you can't get anywhere else. Patreon allows me to be more consistent with creating the music and content you vibe with on top of these other perks.

Here are some things you can expect on Patreon:
- Listen to demos and give me feedback in real time
- Watch and be part of the creative process (writing, recording, collaborating)
- Get exclusive merch designed only for my Patreon supporters
- Live video sessions with me every month
- 1 on 1 phone calls every month
- Have your name in the album credits for my upcoming release Ritual Mystik Vol. 1
- Join my guided meditation sessions

As an artist, I have been running to labels for nearly two decades to help support my passion for Hip Hop. Now, that all changes. 

I am asking you to be my co-Creator, my muse, and join the Zion I Crew, the collective support base of Patreon, so that we will change this paradigm together. 

I'm excited to partner with you on the creative process and take Zion I Crew to the next level. Come join us and be a part of the shift.

God bless you and thank you in advance.