Spread the word..and Spread Love - Free Download of "US"

Spread the word..and Spread Love - Free Download of

In response to the overwhelming success of our GoFundMe campaign I wanted to release some new music as a small token of thanks. 

Download here.

It is incredibly inspiring to know that our music community is so supportive and understanding in light of the drama that took place around our camera being robbed during our video shoot.

Many of those that supported were old friends, some were folks that I only know in passing, and still some are total strangers.  Yet, you were all moved by the compassion within your hearts.  I thank you for that wellspring of goodness that is alive and well within each of you.

This new song entitled "Us" is the first song off of a new project between DJ. Fresh and I.  We have a whole album nearly completed, and this is the first peek and the vibe we are bringing.  The album is raw and emotional and looks squarely into the eyes of the current state of America and our community.

"Us" is actually the very first song that I wrote for the album, while Fresh and I were on tour last summer along with the Grouch and Eligh.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Spread the word..and Spread Love...