The Rapture: Live from Oaklandia (CD)

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Title: The Rapture: Live from Oaklandia
Format:  Compact Disc (CD)
Released: August 7, 2015

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The tunes on this album are some of my favorites, both rare and classic gems from the Zion I catalog. I wanted to touch on some of the more sensitive elements of the music, as I have always viewed that as a strength in today's current climate driven by sensationalism and hype. For me, music has always been a spiritual process. It helps me deal with my issues, and gives me a proper lens by which to view the world around me. Music is both an escape and a healing salve that I apply to my heart, mind and spirit. I hope you enjoy this offering and feel the fullness of the vibes.

1 Boom Bip (Live) [feat. Viveca Hawkins] 4:19
2 Trippin' (Live) 4:08
3 Hit Em (Live) [feat. Deuce Eclipse & Dustin Sharpe] 3:47
4 Inner Light (Live) 3:31
5 Sorry (Live) [feat. Codany Holiday] 4:25
6 Silly Puddy (Live) 4:29
7 Fingerpaint (Live) [feat. Dustin Sharpe] 4:27
8 Antenna (Live) [feat. Codany Holiday] 6:42
9 Get Urs (Live) [feat. Kev Choice, Deuce Eclipse & Dustin Sharpe] 3:30
10 Birds Eye View (Live) 3:08
11 The Bay (Live) [feat. Codany Holiday] 5:22
12 Human Being (Live) 7:38

The Rapture Band is a unique formation of Bay Area luminaries that blessed the stage together on this auspicious evening for one night of magical vibrations, captured here in its fullness:

Bandleader/Keys: Kev Choice
Drums: Dame Taylor
Bass: Scott Thompson
Guitar: Andrew Levin
Cello: Rebecca Roudman
Trumpet: Rafa Postel
Vocals: Codany Holiday
Vocals: Viveca Hawkins
MC: Deuce Eclipse
MC: Dustin Sharpe
Engineer: Deegan McAdams
Engineer: Eugene Smith



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